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More than 30 years of international freight experience

Our mission to handling our customer’s consignments and necessary arrangements to deliver securely & timely. Pacific Marine Logistics is one of the fastest growing Freight & Logistics Management outlet in Pakistan having significant reputation in the market and captivated customers’ attention through the years of quality service since its beginning in 2001..

PMLoffers our clients an optimal combination of industry relationships, leading supply chain technology, and exceptional customer service. We believe that true market advantage comes from creative, individualized solutions. PML believes that to compete global logistic trade the company must have capability of vast array of services and network of agents across the globe, fulfilling your international logistics needs with expertise and professionalism.

PML has good variety of service contracts with Mega Carriers of this trade with good relations. Through our integrated network of agents across the globe, we have a presence in all of the major trade and business centers. Working with importers, exporters, and freight forwarders, we are able to move their goods and provide door- to-door service worldwide. PML offers our clients a single-source option , along with the technology to handle today’s globalized market.

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Our Executive Team

PML firmly believe that ‘A company’s most valuable asset is its employees’, PML is proud to encompass a team full of smart, passionate & target determined people who care a lot more about getting it done, and it’s factual our people are primary reason that our clients recommend PML and play roll of direct advertisement of PML to others.

Our "one team" approach aids us to engage uniformly & efficiently on the front line. Our communicable style underlined joint efforts, trust, and tolerance for diverging opinions.

Our team consists of a diverse group of skilled&enthusiasticprofessionals who work in harmony to create the best shipping solutions for our clients. Working on multiple prospects and specialized areas allow them to deliver and exceed our clients’ expectations and helping clients achieve a competitive advantage through our people.

With the passion to be customer’s first choice by providing reliable and cost effective shipping solutions and focusing on safety and sustainability - to create competitive advantages for our customers
To increase our customer’s business profitability through better logistics solutions with innovative tools.
We deliver our Vision by:
  • Providing reliable, professional and innovative services to our customers.
    • Establishing enduring relations with our customers.
    • We emphasize with extreme level of services to secure our customers and their financial & commercial interests and benefits by using our utmost efforts with support of our back up team.
We always look for constant improvements to boost up our service level with professionalism with management authority.
Offer quality Services according to the international standard, cost effectiveness and collective benefits for our Customers, Associates, and ourselves with latest marketing tools to generate and development for mutual beneficial growth.
Our core value guided us how to keep our presence in the market every day in this competitive scenario:
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Our Employees - Our Name
  • Constant Care & Customer Satisfaction
  • Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Preservation

Benefits to Customer

Two customers are not alike, so we approach every challenge with a fresh outlook and strive for innovative solutions that are uniquely yours. As we continue to broaden our capabilities so our customers continue rely on our flexibility.
We offer:
24/7/365 service ensuring commitment with our profession and customers.

  • A best value combination of fair prices, fast and reliable service, competitive pricing & punctual delivery.
  • A total transportation solution.
  • An ‘easy to do business with’ culture.
  • Secured warehouses to prevent pilferage.
  • Consolidation services to reduce costs and protect your goods.
  • Immediate quotations on request.
  • Outstanding punctuality.
  • The highest standard of professional customer care from our network of offices and our partners across the globe.
  • The support of well motivated, well trained, freight and logistics staffs who receive both practical (statutory and industry) training and personal development throughout their career with PML.
  • Consistent high quality in PML processes and service offering.