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Afghanistan Transit Trade

The Trusted Way across the Border Line

PMLoffers stress-free Afghan Transit Trade Logistics Solutions with one-window operations on Afghan cargo through Pakistanvia Karachi port& Port Qasim. We are specialized in Afghan Transit Trade Solutions, Customs Clearance in Pakistan, International Freight Forwarding, and Vessel Chartering, shipping all kinds of cargo including Bulk Break, Oversize and Project Cargo &Pre-shipment Inspections. We liaise with government departments in Pakistan and Afghanistan on behalf of customer, arrange storage and warehousing, and transit insurance facilities when required.

We have regular services from Karachi to Afghanistan for various cities by road i.e. Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Helmand and other territories in Afghanistan.Our skills, experience, dedication and services are focused towards meeting every need of our customers.