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Sophisticated & Innovative Chartering service- Possibility in every direction.

We charter vessels and aircrafts as agents from the vendors on special requirements of our customers. Our expertise of import and export requirements, licenses and consular documentation, customs regulations and payment practices can steer you to achieve best results.

Ocean Vessel Chartering
Our trained and well-qualified staff negotiates booking terms and conditions, identify the specific vessel requirements and mitigate the risk of the customers interests.
We charter part and full vessels for a wide range of project merchandise shipping worldwide allocating our client to meet their contractual commitment.

Aircraft Chartering
Urgently needed equipment and accessoriesmay require the expedite handling that only airfreight can offer. Transporting materials by aircraft charter can help you maintain your schedules or prevent production shutdown, avoid late penalties or contractual liquidated damages.
Our staff negotiates comprehensive chartering contracts for urgent cargo consignment via well-known airlines. Whatever your shipment- urgent, high value or massive cargo, our commitment is to provide the best solution for all your cargo chartering needs.